Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Unfinished Business + GIVEAWAYS

This pattern was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I completely lost it on step 1, which is the pocket. Everything went fine until I had to do the actual sewing of the pocket hem. I started in the corner and the fabric wouldn't move causing a big ball of thread to form in that spot. After trying probably 5 times, I exploded with frustration and cut the pocket to ribbons. Clearly I over-reacted, and it's funny thinking about it now, but it just made me so angry!

This is where I had the most trouble. Clearly. My fingers are crossed it was just because of the sheet material. 

Ignore the man jammies, haha!

My second attempt has gone more smoothly. While making the first I followed the instructions word for word, causing a lot of unwanted frustration, but this time I did the shoulder and side seams my own way. Instead of leaving the seam allowance and pressing the seam open, I simply cut off the seam allowance and left it how it was. In my opinion, that really can't cause many differences. 

I got the pocket, no freak outs necessary! The stretchy-ness of the sheet made it impossible to pull through at the corner and the bulk from the hem added to the problem on my first attempt. This fabric went much smoother.

Step one, the easy part, of the neck binding.

I did notice that even though my first attempt was a sheet, which are pretty stretchy, both of these tanks are kind of stiff and hard to get on. Any suggestions on how to fix this or a type of fabric that's better for this pattern?

Even though I've not finished my second shirt (haha!) I embarked on a new adventure: slip cover.

There were better pictures taken, but I seem to have misplaced my memory card. I could have swore I put it in either my camera bag or sewing table drawer, but no luck. :(

As you can see, L has been pretty rough on this. Haha! She's only had it since April of last year!

I really don't know how she gets a hold of pens without me knowing, and she's smart about it too. She never leaves them in her room for me to find when I pick up.

Somehow managed to leave a hole. Since it's my first try and for my destructive daughter, I just patched it up. Haha!

For some reason the tutorial I used thinks that this (the photo above) is a sufficient slip cover. I've not yet attempted to finish it, but my fingers are crossed it won't be that complicated. It can't be any more complicated than the curved back, I'm sure!

Keep your eyes peeled for the post revealing my finished tank top and slip cover. (If I ever get around to them, haha!!)

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Monday, August 11, 2014

My 1st Maternity Session

Please do not copy or save photos from this blog. Thank you :)

Updated because I fell in love with this edit! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Some Shots from Past Shoots (2013)

August 2014: Sessions are $25. This includes a 45 minute session and 10-15 edits on a disk (+black/white copies of each) with a print release form.
If I have to travel out of town there is a travel fee applied depending on the distance.


This is one of my examples of editing.

Family sessions are one of my favorites!

Of course shooting my little lady comes first though! She's such a ham, haha!

2nd birthday!!

Couldn't get her to put down the toys. Sometimes it happens! Better to keep her happy and smiling than ruin the entire session by ticking her off. :P


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Need of More Bobbins!

On the 29th I was going crazy trying to find something to make L with her octopus fabric. I looked for what seemed like FOREVER! I finally found a tutorial for a simple skirt. I had to look around some more though, to find out how to size it up to 3T since the tutorial was for 12 months. 

Measured L's waist, doubled the number for the fabric, kind of. My fabric wasn't quite wide enough. Then cut the elastic 1 less than her measurements. 

I know the blue doesn't match the octopus fabric perfectly, but it still looks super cute! It's also a little big, I guess since she's tall and skinny I should always subtract an extra inch from her waist, haha! A little big isn't bad though, that just means she'll fit into it a little longer!

This is where the blog title comes up.

Ryan's grandma had dropped off a king sized sheet for me to practice my tank top pattern with on the 31st. It's a much harder pattern than I had expected, but I'll blog more about that once I finish my second attempt, and the second attempt is what brought on my next project: BUCKET HATS!

I cut out the fabric for my second tank top and then realized all of my bobbins were already full and I needed one for orange thread. I searched Pinterest relentlessly until I found this adorable pattern that I thought would work perfectly with the fabric I had.

The first attempt went awesome, until I tried to do the decorative stitching around the rim. I accidentally sewed part of the "body" of the hat into the brim so that when you turn it to the blue side it doesn't look so hot. As you can see below, I left out the decorative stitches on my second attempt, haha! L called it her "magician hat" and made her toys "magically" appear inside of it! 

Now for some rambling that DOESN'T involve sewing. ;)

L just loves to swing! She pushes it as far back as she can with her feet, then lifts her feet up so it swings so hard the swing feet hop up. It's hilarious to her that I freak out because it could flip over. :P

She actually let me do something to her hair! Normally the entire time I try to put it in a pony she says "owww" like I'm pulling it all out or something. I guess the trick is to do it while she's taking a bath!

Yesterday I made a trip to Pick L up from her "gamma's" house. Gamma, L, and I then went on a, very disappointing, trip to look at pricing on computers. I was hoping I'd be able to find something under $400 for just me, the only program needed on it being Photoshop Elements 10. I was informed by Mr. Nerd-of-the-Year that to have Photoshop I need a computer with at least an i5 processor, 750gb hard dive, and 6gb memory. At Best Buy my "best buy" would have been $600 + tax. Next we went to Sam's Club. They had a better computer for $550 + tax, which is awesome, but still too much. (Even for a Christmas present, which is what I was hoping for, haha!) Fingers crossed that Ryan keeps getting awesome painting jobs and that I get some photo sessions lined up!

L crashed on the way home, and since it was after 6pm she slept through the night. Poor baby must have been pooped!
When you're stopped at a train, boredom sets in and you do silly things like take a selfie even though you look like a grease-ball from sweating all day. Haha! :P