Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Unfinished Business + GIVEAWAYS

This pattern was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I completely lost it on step 1, which is the pocket. Everything went fine until I had to do the actual sewing of the pocket hem. I started in the corner and the fabric wouldn't move causing a big ball of thread to form in that spot. After trying probably 5 times, I exploded with frustration and cut the pocket to ribbons. Clearly I over-reacted, and it's funny thinking about it now, but it just made me so angry!

This is where I had the most trouble. Clearly. My fingers are crossed it was just because of the sheet material. 

Ignore the man jammies, haha!

My second attempt has gone more smoothly. While making the first I followed the instructions word for word, causing a lot of unwanted frustration, but this time I did the shoulder and side seams my own way. Instead of leaving the seam allowance and pressing the seam open, I simply cut off the seam allowance and left it how it was. In my opinion, that really can't cause many differences. 

I got the pocket, no freak outs necessary! The stretchy-ness of the sheet made it impossible to pull through at the corner and the bulk from the hem added to the problem on my first attempt. This fabric went much smoother.

Step one, the easy part, of the neck binding.

I did notice that even though my first attempt was a sheet, which are pretty stretchy, both of these tanks are kind of stiff and hard to get on. Any suggestions on how to fix this or a type of fabric that's better for this pattern?

Even though I've not finished my second shirt (haha!) I embarked on a new adventure: slip cover.

There were better pictures taken, but I seem to have misplaced my memory card. I could have swore I put it in either my camera bag or sewing table drawer, but no luck. :(

As you can see, L has been pretty rough on this. Haha! She's only had it since April of last year!

I really don't know how she gets a hold of pens without me knowing, and she's smart about it too. She never leaves them in her room for me to find when I pick up.

Somehow managed to leave a hole. Since it's my first try and for my destructive daughter, I just patched it up. Haha!

For some reason the tutorial I used thinks that this (the photo above) is a sufficient slip cover. I've not yet attempted to finish it, but my fingers are crossed it won't be that complicated. It can't be any more complicated than the curved back, I'm sure!

Keep your eyes peeled for the post revealing my finished tank top and slip cover. (If I ever get around to them, haha!!)

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  1. You are ambitious. Good trait. Wish I had a little of it. Or maybe I'm just lacking motivation. Who knows. Keep up the good work. You maternity shots are great too btw. Love them. You are so talented.