Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo Session: Kyleigh

Please do not copy and save these images. Thank you!

This was a fun session, despite the fact it was ridiculously hot and humid! L had fun tromping through the woods pretending we were lost, and of course "helping" Mommy take pictures. (Her form of helping consisted of sticking her baby doll in front of my lens right before I snapped a picture. Haha!)

I was glad to get a chance to do a session, especially one with someone who WANTED to have their photos taken. It really does suck that there are so many photographers in this are. It makes it hard to be able to take photos regularly, there are always large gaps in between each of the sessions I schedule. At least I do schedule some though, some is better than none! Cross your fingers more will come my way. :)

For anyone interested, my sessions cost (as of July 28th, price may change) $25 for 10-15 edited photos on a disk. If you want them done out of (my) town, a travel fee will be applied depending on the distance.

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  1. Very Nice. You had a great model and helper. Hope you do get more work, you are awesome.